SPC could never forgive Montenegro its independence

The Serbian Orthodox Church, SPC, could never accept the fact Montenegro has been an independent state, said Montenegro’s foreign minister, Srđan Darmanović, commenting on the Patriarch Irinej’s statement, who compared the position of Serbs in Montenegro with those in times of the Independent State of Croatia.

According to Darmanović, the Patriarch Irinej’s statement was malicious and it won’t affect close relations between Montenegro and Serbia. Ever.

“His statement was such a nonsense and it’s not the first time the SPC top clerics to attack Montenegro, its statehood and identity. It’s simple: the SPC could never ever deal with the fact Montenegro managed to restore its independence, that it became a NATO member state and that it’s going to join the EU soon. Such offensive statements certainly do not contribute to close relations between the two countries, but I don’t believe they may deteriorate them either,” said Darmanović in an interview for the Voice of America, after he had had a meeting Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Wess Mitchell.

And as it comes to a quite weird statement of the US president, Donald Trump, who described Montenegrin as aggressive, Darmanović clearly stated: the relations between Montenegro and the US have been extraordinary!

“The US and Montenegro cherish extraordinary relations. The US is Montenegro’s strategic partner and our country is NATO ally. Montenegro certainly doesn’t have the slightest intention to cause the World War 3, so everything’s fine,” Darmanović explained.






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