Sporadic cases of refusing to answer the census: To date, 311.000 citizens have taken part

Miroslav Pejović, Foto: RTCG/Screenshot

A total of 311.228 citizens, 100.594 households and 441 flats have taken part in the census so far, says the Director of the Statistical Office of Montenegro (MONSTAT), Miroslav Pejovic. He underlines that citizens are mostly willing to take part in it, there are only few cases of refusing to answer it, but can’t be considered as final.

“We can say that the census dynamics is satisfactory in almost all municipalities, and is in line with the MONSTAT’s plan”.

On those refusing to complete their census forms, Mr Pejovic says: “Based on the census methodology, the Census Commission is going to contact them and try to find a solution so that both sides are satisfied”.

As for reported technical irregularities, they’re being solved in real time.

Mr Pejovic thanked citizens for taking part in the census, as well as the enumerators, instructors and employees of MONSTAT.

He also thanked the media for reporting on the census accurately.

The Montenegro census is expected to last from 3 to 18 December this year.

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