Successful work of the Public Procurement Service


Companies dealing with the activities of public interest, base their operation on the fulfillment of strategic and specific objectives. These objective are achieved in accordance with the priorities of business which depend on various factors.

Strategic procurement is one of the most important tools that help maximizing the contributions in every company, i.e. they represent efficient source for the procurement of duly supply of goods,services or works necessary for normal functioning of the company and its capability to meet the basic business objectives. Without this strategic function, one can barely talk about positive business results. Public procurement is inseparably connected with their purposefulness, i.e.e their harmonization with the public interests.

Public procurement service of the Montenegrin Electricity Distribution system (CEDIS) can be proud of the results achieved in the past period since the managed to achieve the objective referring to the unhindered operation of the company, through procurement of goods, services and activities, in accordance with the regulations defining the field of public procurement.

From the beginning of this year, 88 tender procedures with 149 parties have been initiated, and 83 contracts worth around 8 million EUR have been concluded.

“These data indicate that the employees in the sector of public procurement did a great job, and we should point out that the number of complaints of bidders is smaller. This is, partly, thanks to the application of framework agreements in the realization of public procurement said the head of the Service for strategic procurement, Mirko Dedović.

As he said, the majority of public procurement has been realized through the open procedure of public procurement with the conclusion of framework agreement. This way of realization enabled long-term and stable satisfaction of the company’s needs as well as he optimization of the supplies of goods which are important for performing basic activities and for more efficient implementation of investment plans and maintenance of energy facilities.

“With the aim of eliminating shortcomings noticed in the previous period, Public Procurement Service has improved and unified agreement forms referring to the procurement of goods, services and works. Also, agreements have been harmonized with the regulations stipulating the areas they refer to”,said Dedović.

Dedović especially pointed out the the procurement procedure for the needs of the Revitalization Project of the energy network in the entire state, worth 22,4 million EUR. Successful implementation of this important project would enable high quality and more reliable electric energy supply in Montenegro.

“In the future, Montenegrin Electricity Distribution system will keep on with the million investments in the development of new and adaptation of existing energy facilities and the Public Procurement Service will give its contribution to the realization of these projects in the best possible way”, said Dedović.

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