The EU does not provide guidelines on how a country should regulate religious freedoms

Mr Milo Đukanović organized today working lunch for the Commissionaire for Enlargement, Mr Olivér Várhelyi.

Interlocutors pointed out the importance of the dialogue for settlement of all issues, as prerequisites for the European integration and total stability. The EU and EC are not there to provide guidelines on how a state should regulate religious freedoms.

President Đukanović expressed satisfaction with the Commissionaire’s visit, seeing it as encouragement to the integration process.

Despite various phases of political and social life we are going through, we don’t allow the circumstances to draw our dominant attention, president says.

He firmly believes that Montenegro’s place is in Europe of the 21st century. In that sense, Montenegro is going to be a responsible partner and dedicated promoter of European values in the region.

Mr Várhelyi confirmed that the new Commission would be geo-political in the first place and that it would pay more attention to the foreign policy issues.

He announced increased presence, influence, cooperation and support for the WB countries. Enlargement will definitely be priority of the new management.

Mr Várhelyi pointed at the need for acceleration of reforms, clear commitment and fast reaction.

President Đukanović pointed out his satisfaction with the new geo-strategic approach of the EC, as it was something he’s been insisting on in talks with European officials. He welcomed efforts devoted to consolidation of Europe, as well as steps in the new methodology of accession.


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