Those who deny Montenegro’s sovereignty will take every opportunity to act


“Everything that has been going on in Montenegro recently shows that specific structures just refuse to accept the fact that Montenegro is an independent state, internationally recognized state, that administers its state and social order independently, in accordance with the Constitution and rules of international law. As a sovereign state, Montenegro adopts laws that are verified in the Parliament. That happened with the Law on Freedom of Religion which was adopted in the lawful and justified procedure”, says Mr Milan Marković, Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences.

Mr Marković points out that we are all obliged to obey the Constitution and respect citizens’ rights.

“Montenegro, as independent and sovereign state, got the possibility to establish its legal order in hierarchical way, independently from anybody else. However, specific structures are having hard time with coming to terms with that fact and now they are taking every opportunity they have to come to stage”, points out Mr Marković.

It wasn’t long time ago when Western Balkans paid through the nose for the absence of political dialogue and strengthening nationalism.

“Having in mind that experience, it’s incredible that something like this is happening. I want to believe that this will stop. Nobody needs that”, says Mr Marković.

He says that role of the academic community in educating young people is crucial.

“Young people should be taught to make a difference between the good and the bad, to cherish fundamental constitutional and democratic values and to respect other people, to settle things through dialogue and compromise”, says Mr Marković commenting on the desecration of Montenegrin flag in Belgrade.


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