Tivat needs a new airport

By the end of the year, the Tivat Airport will welcome over a million and three hundred thousand passengers, which means it’s going to break a record. The director of the Tivat Airport, Radovan Marić, told Radio Montenegro that the newly-built Terminal 2 greatly contributed to passengers’ comfort and less crowded airport.

According to him, the Terminal 2 is only a temporary solution, as the completely new airport should be constructed.

“The Tivat Airport was constructed in the mid-20th century. In those times, only one or two planes landed in it, while today we have over 60 planes on a daily basis.”

“Everything we have today is not enough and to be frank – not functional enough for a modern passenger,” explained Mr Marić.

As for the passengers’ safety, there is no need to worry about it, he added, saying that the recent repair of the airport runway is something that every other airport does on a regular basis.

Mr Marić hopes there will be night landings and takeoffs from the Tivat Airport soon.







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