Toll revenues at Sozina tunnel amounting to EUR 6 million

Tunel Sozina

From the beginning of the year, Monteput company [which operates the Sozina tunnel] collected over €6 million from toll payments to use the tunnel Sozina, this company told Dnevne Novine daily.

The total revenues from tolls amounted to €3.85 million (the amount refers to passenger vehicles), while €2.2 million was collected from other categories of vehicles.

“The total revenues from tolls at the Sozina tunnel amounted to €6,071,670,” the company ‘Monteput’ announced.

The representatives of the company say that 12,080 vehicles on average pass through the tunnel Sozina on a daily basis during the summer season. “We count that the summer season starts as of 1 June and until 13 August, a total of 12,080 vehicles on average have passed through the tunnel Sozina. There’s no crowd at toll booths for most of the week, which means that passengers are waiting just a minute or two.”

From the beginning of the year to 13 August 2019, 1.76 million of vehicles have passed through the tunnel.

In addition, this company issued 230 smart cards from the beginning of the year, as well as 279 TAG devices that removed the need to pay the toll charges using cash.

When it comes to the investment in the tunnel, Monteput changed and put in place a new system of managing the tunnel, which includes protection against explosive concrete spalling with polypropylene fibres, detection of incidents and video surveillance.

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