U.S. Embassy on rigorous visa measures: The measures are preventive

Ambasada SAD u Podgorici

New measures for obtaining American visa have raised concerns. However, representatives of the U.S. Embassy in Podgorica say that these measures are preventive. Representatives of tourist agencies aren’t worried either. They point out that the measure that came into force on 31 May this year won’t make any difference.

American State Department  requests the visa applicant to ensure data about their profiles on almost twenty social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

Rules that came into force on 31 May do not require that the applicant gives profile. Passwords.

“State Department has updated application forms for immigrant and non-immigrant visas with a request for additional information, including the data about identificators on social media networks. “Identificator” of social media is any name used by an individual on social media”, said the representatives of the US Embassy.

“We are constantly working on finding mechanisms for the improvement of our screening procedures and supporting legitimate travels and moving to the USA, while protecting American citizens at the same time”, said the representatives of the embassy.



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