Ulcinj Municipality ready to lease land for a water park


The Municipality of Ulcinj called for all the interested parties to apply to the public call for a 30-year lease of a real estate in Gornji Stoj where a water park with the supporting service is going to be constructed, reported Dnevne Novine daily.

All national and foreign companies, as well as consortiums that submit offers for funding, projecting, equipping, maintenance and managing the water park, have the right to apply to the public call.

The minimum rental price amounts to €1.75 per square metre at the annual level.

All bidders are obliged to meet certain criteria and, among other things, buy the tender documentation and pay €1,500 for it. They also need to submit a proof that they paid a deposit or have issued original bank guarantee in favour of the Municipality of Ulcinj in the amount of €10k.

In addition, a bidder has to prove that it recorded a positive net financial result over the past two years, and that it generated revenues amounting to at least €45 million in the past three business years. Moreover, it is necessary to submit a proof on the implementation of at least five similar projects over the past three years, as well as the conceptual design of the water park, including procurement & installation of the equipment, and construction of sports and hospitality facilities.

The completion date cannot be longer than 24 months from the day of concluding a lease agreement.

Public call will be open from 20 Nov at noon, while the decision on the most advantageous bidder will be made within 20 days from the day of opening the call.







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