Ulcinj visited by 100,000 tourists every day

Ulcinj tourist arrivals reach the same level as in 2017 and around 100,000 tourists visit this town every day, Fatmir Đeka, head of the Ulcinj Tourism Organization tells CdM.

“Ulcinj is gradually becoming an attractive Europe’s tourist destination,” says Đeka.

Hotels in Ulcinj also record an increase in number of guests. “Camps are becoming popular as well, and there’s nearly 50% more guests registered in camps, compared to previous years” he adds.

Mr Đeka is convinced Ulcinj will once again show it’s capable of contributing to the state’s budget, as it used to generate 40% of the budget’s revenues 3 decades ago.

“We’re investing a lot in hotels and the overall infrastructure. We’ve reached our goals: we improved our offer, i.e. its quality and what is even more important – the season will last longer. This all makes us satisfied although there are many challenges and problems,” Đeka claims.

But business is all about problems, and it’s nothing a few kind words of residents and affordable prices in this town can’t fix.


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