Ulicnj to see construction of new tourism complexes, buildings, kindergartens, parks…


Government of Montenegro has adopted amendments to the state site study on Đeran Promontory Port Milena in Ulcinj.

According to the amendments, the location is divided into eight blocks, intended for the construction of residential buildings, tourism complexes, fishing ports, restaurants, kindergartens and parks.

The objective and the basic planning commitment was to reconsider the possibility for placing Fishing port on the location of Đeran Promontory, as well as position and number of berths for barges along the Port Milena channel.

In line with the guidelines of the Spatial plan, Đeran Promontory has been defined as port of national interest, with up to 60 berths for vessels up to 10 meters long, with accompanying infrastructure for keeping, storing, packing and handling fish and other sea organisms, on land and near the gate where vessels dock.

“The fundamental objective of the solution is to offer more real and more cost-effective prospects for the realization of planned amenities with the construction of facilities that do not jeopardize public areas and infrastructure systems. The plan also envisages realization of residential and tourism capacities that are supposed to from new center of Ulcinj, as well as new urban and architectural identity of the area with the central motive of Port Milena and Đeran Promontory”, the study states.

The first block is completely spoiled with illegal construction. The plan envisages that some facilities can be adapted to fit the space, while others deserve to be kept.

“Construction of facilities of mixed purpose favoring tourism is allowed in this block”, the study reveals.

The second block is located in the band from 100-1.000 meters from the shore, on the left bank of Port Milena channel, The study enables construction of residential facilities in this block.

The third and the fourth block are located in the band from 100 to 1.000 meters on the left bank of Port Milena Channel. Construction of residential facilities is possible here as well.

Blocks V and VI are located in the band from 100 to 1.000 meters from the shore, on the right bank of Port Milena Channel. The same requirements as in blocks III and IV apply here.

The seventh block is outside the band, 1.000 meters away from the shore.

The last block is in the part intended for the revitalization of Port Milena Channel, connection of the channel and Bojana River, construction of the Fishing Port and mooring in Port Milena Channel, as well as construction of Lungo Mare promenade. Plans are afoot for the construction of wooden stilt houses for fishermen and national restaurant, with the preservation of authentic landscape.








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