Victims of “Goli Otok” want rehabilitation and compensation

Panorama Golog otoka (Foto: Wikipedia)

More than 100 families and people who survived “”Goli Otok” (also: “Naked Island”)  will submit lawsuits against Montenegro if the country fails to provide them rehabilitation and compensation for the sufferings inflicted on them and torture they have survived. They could ask for even 40 EUR per day spent in the camp for those who didn’t share the same political views. It’s well known that prisoners in “Goli Otok” spent two to three years. Therefore, the compensation for these 100 families could go beyond 4 million EUR.

This problem has already been resolved in other countries of former Yugoslavia.

Milan Radović, representative of Civic Alliance thinks that something must be done before they really decide to submit lawsuits.

“Montenegro began all this with the Declaration from 1992, and in 2006 it adopted the Resolution of the Council of Europe on the international condemnation of crimes of totalitarian communist regimes. However, in practice, we did nothing to acknowledge these sufferings and we violated the basic human rights of people who were innocently imprisoned. Montenegro should react and raise the question of moral and material rehabilitation”, says Radović.


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