Vuković: Selected solution for Independence Square is extraordinary

Foto: CdM

Reviving the city center is one of the priorities of the local government, because, as the Mayor of Podgorica, Mr Ivan Vuković, says, the city center is currently not in a satisfactory condition. According to him, the presented new solution for the main city square is extraordinary. He says that the goal is to turn the city center into a pedestrian zone, a zone for cyclists, to animate the business community … The approximate value of the project is €12.387.486. Mr Vukovic also emphasizes that he’ll do his best to give Podgorica a reconstructed square, and that it does not cost his fellow citizens a single euro.

Today’s presentation of a new solution for the renovation of Independence Square has sparkled great media interest, so the Mayor started the press conference by saying: “Yesterday was the presentation of the new government, and today I see no less journalists, I don’t know what it says about the new government.”

“Independence Square lacks contents that we can usually see in the main city squares of European and world cities. As a city administration, we have set a goal to try to change it. In previous years, we tried to breathe new life into the main city square. We’ve earmarked a significant amount of money in this year’s budget for the new conceptual design of the square,” Mayor Vuković told the press today.

Photo: CdM

He continued: “We received a significant number of proposals and solutions. We made a decision on the first three ranked. The public reacted on the published solution, but from what was published, not many things were visible.”

He further clarifies that only a part of the solution could be seen, as only one dimension was offered.

According to the Mayor, the proposed solution has been extraordinary, and it should be noted that it envisages an underground garage comprising 737 parking lots.

In addition, there will be business facilities, which means – new jobs and business opportunities.

Commenting on the state of play behind the Beko building, the Mayor said that the facility is in the private ownership.

“We had an idea to assist the owners to find the partner who would like to commercialize it, that is, build a hotel, shopping mall, etc.”

Mr Vuković is adamant – the aim is to animate our business community and it’s not strange that a city administration is involved in that process.


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