Western Balkans has to stay in the EU focus

U Poznanju

Support and higher presence of the EU in the Western Balkans are a great incentive to the improvement of regional cooperation and bringing this part of Europe closer to the community of states and nations it’s always been part of, said the Chief Negotiator, Mr Aleksandar Drljević, at the Forum in Poznan.

Mr Drljević spoke about the transformation of WB at the Business Forum within WB Summit in Poznan.

“Considering its history, culture multi-ethnic environment and significant economic potentials, this region is the EU ally in the accomplishment of our joint objective – overall progress. Regardless of other challenges, WB must stay in the EU focus”, pointed out Mr Drljević.

In that context, Mr Drljević pointed out the importance of Berlin process, as an initiative which intensifies cooperation among states through important development projects, especially in the area of transport and energy, contributing to economic growth.

“Closer cooperation is our mutual benefit, as it is the best way to provide economic and social benefits to our citizens. Good infrastructure connection with the region, and EU Member States is the prerequisite of economic growth and creation of new jobs through attracting foreign investments. In that’ sense, Montenegro is continuously working on developing national transport and energy infrastructure and promoting closer economic cooperation at regional level”, said Mr Drljević.

He said that citizens expected the EU to act responsibly and be present in the region.

“We all agree – WB doesn’t want to be at the EU margins”, said Mr Drljević.


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