When PM takes off a face mask and then gets confused by numbers, years and outcomes

Zdravko Krivokapić

Prime Minister, Zdravko Krivokapic, often addresses the public in a form of open letters or even opinion pieces. Bu in the latest one, Mr Krivokapic rather bragged about his own achievements.

If the review of the current situation had been a little more accurate and objective, we would have forgiven him following the teachings of Christianity.

So the PM brags about the 2021 economic results and fiscal indicators even though the precise data would be known next year. He mentioned a 10% economic growth and larger incomes from tourism compared to 2020 although everybody knows we were in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic last year and Montenegro borders were closed.

The public already knows that PM Krivokapic’s government didn’t do anything to develop Montenegro’s tourism, hasn’t started a single project or valorised the existing potentials. On the contrary, it rather chased Aman, the world’s renowned tourism brand, from Sveti Stefan.

The PM continued boasting about the increase in tax revenues thanks to the electronic fiscalisation. However, he failed to explain what exactly his experts did in this area except from liberating lawyers from it?

He wisely bragged about the increase in export of goods, but didn’t say anything about the increase in import? And what about production? Agriculture? What about dissatisfied farmers who used to protest in front of the ministry and the government, as no one wanted to listen to them?

We are surprised to see that he forget to brag about the shutdown of Montenegro Airlines and opening up of a new airline without having to invest a single euro? Needless to say that the Prime Minister knows nothing about the routes of Air Montenegro.

It’s particularly interesting that he still boasts about vaccinations but he himself hasn’t got a Covid jab yet. And he should do it, as we all know how Mr Krivokapic loves close contacts, especially when it comes to the events organised by the Serbian Orthodox Church, SPC.

What he doesn’t mention at all are more frequent divisions in the society, which erupted during Metropolitan Joanikije’s inauguration.



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