Whoever tries to leave Tuzi will be deprived of liberty

Residents of Tuzi are officially quarantined and are forbidden to go out.

Food and medicines are delivered and the country has sent help.

President of the Municipality of Tuzi, Mr Nik Đeljošaj, said that of anybody breached the ban on would be deprived of liberty.

“As you all know, movement inside our territory is prohibited. I would like first to thank residents of Malesija for respecting the orders, although we have some irresponsible individuals who are faced with criminal charges for defying the orders. Number of police officers doubled and anyone who tries to infringe rules will face criminal charges”, Mr Đeljošaj said.

DPS functionary, Mr Nikola Gegaj, says that the situation in Tuzi is calm.

“I am with my family in Tuzi and as far as I know, residents are at their homes and respect measures and recommendations”, Mr Gegaj said.

He urged the residents to stay at home.

“They can address competent instances for whatever they need. This is one of the most difficult moments in our municipality. If we disobey, not only do we commit a criminal offence, but we also do something worse –we put our lives in danger. I am sure that we can come out of this like winners if we stay disciplined”, Mr Gegaj said.


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