Zanimljivosti još se nisu poubijali

Jednostavan autobuski život: Preduzeća vode iz svoje male kuće na točkovima

Amanda i Džo Tratner zamijenili su temelje za točkove i odlučili da žive skromno.

Preuredili su školski autobus koji je postao njihov dom i njihovu svakodnevnicu prati skoro 33.000 ljudi na Instagramu.

“Jednostavan autobuski život” počeli su sa svojim psom, ali “posada” je ubrzo dobila i prošireni sastav, kada su dobili sina, a krajem prošle godine i ćerku.

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✨Good morning sunshine!✨Alright guys, I’m getting the impression that I need to back off with the baby pictures 🤣So I thought I’d switch gears and take a moment to introduce you to our loyal protector Maho. 🐾Everyone loves a cute #Pitbull right? This pup is everything you would ever want in a dog and then some. She was our first born our “fur baby” and we have had many awesome adventures together. She was our cross country travel companion and our beach babe, and the mascot of our businesses. She has been by our side through it all, the ups and the downs. As of recently life has definitely slowed down some for her as she ages and we keep having children 🤪. She is by far the most well behaved of the family and even if we don’t seem to have the time to spend with her that we used to, she still loves us unconditionally. • The other day my sister in law mentioned she hadn’t seen a picture of Maho in a while. That sort of struck a cord. So here is our black beauty. Hopefully you all dig this shot, because the last baby shot I put up didn’t seem to go over very well here 🤣I’m working on figuring out what you guys like again, got to get back on my IG game so to speak 😉 • Babies, pups, bus, life off the grid? What do you want to see here? What questions do you guys have? • Have a blessed day! ❤️💛💚

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“Mi volimo život i neočekivane stvari”, objašnjavaju Tratneri svoj neobični odabir.

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To see the spirit of the holidays through the eyes of a three year old is simply the best 😍. We are really loving this holiday season with little Joey. He is ready to get his hands into everything. He loves helping with the decorating and the cooking and when you ask him what he wants for Christmas he stares blankly at us🤷🏼‍♀️. So cute and innocent😇Who cares that it takes 2x as long to do everything and there’s likely to be a mess😜? He helped dad put up some lights around the bus and bunk house. Only 2 bulbs broke 😬We had spares, cleaned up the mess and gave him high fives for helping out 🙌. #holidayhelper #thesimplebuslife #downbythebay . . . #schoolbushome #smallhomestyle #skoolie #energysaving #energysavingtips #ledlighting #ledlights #led #ledchristmas #offthegrid #thespiritofchristmas #fatherandson #livingoffthegrid #bohochristmas #bohostyle #bohochic #montessoritoddler #montessoriathome

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Amanda i Džo su preduzetnici koji su se odlučili da život provode nesputano.

Svoja dva preduzeća vode iz svoje male kuće na točkovima.

“Živimo i radimo u našoj maloj kući iz snova i još se nismo poubijali”, šaljivo poručuju Tratneri na svom blogu.

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