Do not fall for false information

Posao u Njemačkoj

The information that additional benefits for the employment of foreigners in Germany are going to be provided starting from 1st January next year is false, said the representatives of the Employment Agency.

Euromost NGO from Bijelo Polje has announced recently that around 10.000 Montenegrin citizens are expected to start looking for a job in Germany thanks to the package of migration laws which simplify moving into this country and getting the job there.

Mrs Emira M. Ličina, president of the MonteKoln Germany association, said that the law hadn’t come into force. She pointed out that individuals who disseminate such false information shouldn’t be trusted.

“I’ve said this countless times. Information that some quasi journalists or NGOs leak in order to inflict damage on state institutions should be ignored. Citizens must know that such information always have some other objective”, said Mrs Ličina.

She doesn’t understand the reasons for spreading false information.

“If you are not well-informed, you could be inclined to think that these are just some valuable advice. However, I am very familiar with the subject here in Germany where we get true and accurate data about getting working visa for the citizens of the countries which aren’t EU Member States”, points out Mrs Ličina.

Until the new law comes into force, old regulations will be valid.

“Highly-qualified citizens of Montenegro can ask for the job in Germany without visa, while others must have working visa”, explains Mrs Ličina.

Therefore, the aforementioned speculations that thousands of people are going to move are completely groundless.

Mrs Ličina understands the need for looking for a better life, adding that she left Montenegro herself.

“My advice to those who would do the same – do not pay attention to false information spread by someone who abuses situations like these. Get the information from relevant institutions so that you can avoid difficulties and many problems that might arise if you follow inaccurate information”, says Mrs Ličina.

She invited the citizens who want to work in Germany to ask the association she heads anything they want.

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