Residents of Tuzi: We contracted virus at the funeral

Two families from Tuzi infected with coronavirus believe to have contacted it at the funeral which took place before the ban on public assemblies. After Institute for Public Health had registered 15 infected persons from Tuzi, the municipality went onto full lockdown. One of the infected persons, Mr Daci Camaj, said that his brother was tested positive five days ago. After that, his wife and himself were infected as well.

“Two groups of epidemiologists tested resident of Malesija yesterday. My four children were tested, we are waiting for the results. Epidemiologists are working hard to prevent virus from spreading. As for the symptoms, I am fatigued, I can’t even talk, but no fever and no cough. We didn’t go outside the country, God knows who transmitted the virus to us”, Mr Camaj says.

One of the members of the infected family from Tuzi says the only thing they can do now is gather courage to fight wave of fear.

He points out that measures imposed by healthcare authorities are good. However, not everybody respects them.

This man believes to have contracted the virus while attending a funeral, which took place before the ban on public assemblies.

“One of our cousins is in hospital. We have the virus and we are now waiting for the results of our kids. Hopefully, they won’t test positive. Nobody could believe that this virus is so infectious. People didn’t take this seriously and this is why this is happening now. We take vitamins in our family, I thought out immune system is strong, but still…we have the virus. I would like to advise citizens to take care of their health and to call the doctor as soon as they feel any symptoms. The virus starts with the fatigue. We thought we were tired of work, but it was actually virus”, says Mr Camaj.

Epidemiologists visited Mr Zoran Milić from Pothum.

“I went to express condolences to the family with 13 infected members. I agree with the testing. I feel good and I think I will test negative. I was told not to go out. Nobody wanted to transmit virus to anyone. It just happens. We must all be careful. I call on the citizens to respect measures and recommendations so that we can save our health”, Mr Milić said.

Member of the Coordination  Committee on providing help to the residents of Malesija, Mr Zef Devdual, said that they were at residents’ disposal.

“We’ve asked Ministry of Health to provide protection equipment for the members of the committee because we must take care of those people. We found some citizens who didn’t have a kilogram of flour. This came as a surprise for many people”, Mr Devdukaj says.


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