Gorcevic: Some conclusions from interim benchmarks not to be completely fulfilled

The session of the Committee on European Integration, the consultative hearing of Minister of European Affairs Maida Gorcevic, Minister of Justice Andrej Milovic, Minister of the Interior Danilo Saranovic and Chief Negotiator for the negotiations on Montenegro’s accession to the EU Predrag Zenovic, began. The topic of the hearing is “Assessment of the fulfillment of interim benchmarks in Chapters 23 and 24”.

Gorcevic said that the government was focused on meeting the benchmarks on the path to the EU, and she praised the role of the opposition. She particularly emphasized the role of the ministries of justice, interior affairs and culture and the media.

“Everything is going according to the deadlines for obtaining IBAR. By the end of April, we will send to the European Commission what has been completed”, announced Gorcevic.

Gorcevic said that on Monday she would inform the European Commission that some conclusions from the interim benchmarks would not be completely fulfilled within the stipulated time, with a clear plan of how they would be treated. At the consultative hearing before the Committee on European Integration on the subject of assessing the fulfillment of interim benchmarks in Chapters 23 and 24, she said that the dynamic plan for obtaining IBAR was according to the deadlines agreed with the European Commission.

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